Teresa McIntyre Photography


My Short Biography

On-site Photography Specialist. 

Your location becomes the studio because life does not happen in a studio!

TMP your, Space Coast based photography business.  Traveling up to 100 miles. 

It's a pleasure working with my clients to fit their needs.  If I'm capturing a life event or a product that can change the life of your business, I work professionally to fit those needs.

Whether you need executive head-shots, product images for web-site or service documents, personality photos, model portfolio images, performance images and action sports photography we will work closely together to find out exactly what you would like captured to tell your story for the best possible results.

My clients include, PMQ Pizza Magazine, The Viera Company Magazine, a multi-billion dollar local search, media and advertising company and Walt Disney World just to name a few and perhaps you!

On-site printing is also available.

I have an outstanding reputation for professionalism, on time arrivals and prompt deliveries as promised.